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     Our Whitening for Life programme includes:

 for a once off fee of £199.

What's involved?

If you wish to have a brighter smile then we have the perfect gift for you. Our new whitening programme will help you take years off your smile and help you keep it bright for life. When you come into our office for your initial comprehensive exam, x-rays, and cleaning, we will provide you with handmade whitening trays. Then, every six months when you return for your preventive hygienist visit, you will receive a touch up kit of bleaching gel absolutely FREE! This amazing offer will help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile!

The professional Whitening for Life programme was developed for people who take their dental seriously and also as an incentive for those who need a little help in maintaining their dental health. Reseach shows that patients who follow recommended hygiene advice and complete necessary dental treatment are more likely to maintain a healthy mouth and keep their smile looking good.    

What you get

1. You get custom-fitted whitening trays for your teeth with a full whitening kit.
2. At every 6 month cleaning and check-up, you will receive a refill of the whitening solution absolutely FREE!

What we require

1. A one-time set up fee of €199 (to cover the cost of materials)
2. Become a patient of the practice by coming in for a cleaning, exam and x-rays.
3. You come in every 6 months for recommended cleanings so we can keep your teeth healthy.
4. You come in for treatment on any decayed or broken teeth.

Our whitening programme uses a combination of custom-made trays and whitening gel. We do not use any form of light-assisted whitening (eg Laser whitening) at our practice.

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